iOS applications

Hello all,

I have created application for android and work fine.

I want to create the same application for iOS. I have an iPhone 5 with 12.5 OS.
I tried to open the application I created for Android, to iPhone and didn't work properly.

The layout did not fit to iPhone's screen.

Where can I find information about the image sizes in order to fit to any iPhone, and how can I create a package for iPhone or to publish the application to Apple Store?

Thank you,

At the moment you can’t publish iOS apps to the App Store.

We're always looking for projects that don't appear correctly on iOS from Android. If you send me the project privately I will add it to our list of apps to check.

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Hello hello,

Do I export the project and I sent it to you?
How I do it?

Yes, export the aia and post it here or send it via PM.


I also have an iphone 5 and 5se. So if possible post here.

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ewpatton I sent you the application on a private message.