iOS app creating

Hi everyone. I search for somebodyí who can create me an ipa file. I need this file for a school event.

Do you have Apple Developer Account?

I dont have and that why I need somebody to do it

So can you help with it?

@TIMAI2 can you help??

No, I can't, not sure anyone can.

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Do you thing ewpatton could help???

If you can't make it,
Fake it.

What you mean?

Can you get away with just presenting a video of the app working on Android?

You want a video from my app??? (I dont really understand what you write)

I too don't have :hugs:

Oh thanks your time then :pensive:

But ANYONE could help me?

@Anke could you help please?

Please stop tagging users

Sorry I dont do it again, but I really need that help

As I already explained to you, there is no way to help you with this. It wouldn't be a problem with Android, but not with iOS.