IOException Unable to insert MediaStore entry

Yesterday all was working fine, today after building the apk the App closes with the following error:

IOException Unable to insert MediaStore entry for shared content

This happens, when I take a photo and also when I select a photo with the ImagePicker

EDIT: It happens on all devices, Android 8, Android 10 and Android 13

Please show your blocks or the AIA file of your project.

Hey Gordon,


But it has nothing to do with the blocks.

Compiled the project YESTERDAY and all is working fine on all devices.

Compiled the same Project today, but as copy1 and changed NOTHING and the error occures

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even here the error occur and i have not touched this part for weeks

I have exactly this app installed on my mobile phone 1 (compiled and installed weeks ago) and there it is working.

Compiled TODAY and installed on my 2nd phone and it is crashing right after the photo is taken

EDIT: Installed the apk which was compiled weeks ago (I had it still on my PC) and this one is working.

The error only happen when i compile it today

Ok, I found the part which cause the error, I swear it has worked before today....

NOT Working:


So, this Part is causing the error since today:


Set Screen1 designer Filescope to Legacy
Set toScope to Legacy instead of Shared

Was already Set

Leads to this:

ok thank you.

I have not tested with companion.

Is tehre any solution for Android 11+ ?

You should run the app in companion, and use Do It to check the value of your variables (global canvas / global filename).

Also you might change jpeg to jpg in case that is the problem ?

This is working with Android lower 10:


However, after the image is copied to the Pictures folder, i can not select it with the ImagePicker, it does not show there.
With the Galery of the device it is visible :thinking:

For Android over 10 it does not work, it is not copied

Is there any possibility that you can select an image, taken with the camera inside the app, with the ImagePicker?

You may need to refresh the gallery, using Taifun's Tools extension

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As I expained, you must change the fileName on Android 11+ if the file has already been saved by another app (with Companion or after reinstalling the app (APK).

Thank you very much Anke, but I got it working again as it was just by switching the scopes:

OLD which has stopped working 2 days ago::


NEW which is now working again as intented:


I do not know what happend 2 days ago, but it is now working again.

Thank you all for your help!

I was too fast, it is only working again in Andoid > 10
In Android under 10 the old error occurs....

So, Android over 10 is working!

For Android under 10, the image is copied to the correct destination, BUT the Gallery refresh does not work

This is the Gallery opened with the System File Explorer:

As you can see, there are 3 images in the Camera Folder

If I open it with the ImagePicker within the App I get this:

The last picture, taken with the App Camera is missing.

Here are the Blocks:

As I showed and @TIMAI2 said:

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Also the else part of the if then else statement needs a Gallery Refresh


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