Invoke: no method named `Start' in class java.lang.Boolean

invoke: no method named `Start’ in class java.lang.Boolean
What is the meaning of this warning

in my program there are 10 screens.when i want to change my screen i am geting this message. Not in every screen.Only from 7th screen to first screen.

Show us how you change screens.
Also read the article on how to change screens in the Screens section of FAQ

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The recommended method of switching screens in App Inventor


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You must eventually close a screen for every time you open a screen, or they will pile up and fill RAM. That also means never opening Screen1.

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If you found the solution, can you share it?

At first glance, i would guess you are using an outdated Companion.

If that doesn't work for you, export and post your .aia file here,
and tell us where and when you get this error.

anyone found the solution to this?

Perhaps explain when this error arises, and following what action - show the relevant blocks

it arises when i move from 1st screen to second screen where my video player activity has to start with help of clock time enabled, but when i move from 3rd screen to second this does not happen the error does not appear

Stop the clock before changing screens, or change screens correctly (by closing the screen you are leaving)

i tried the close screen function still its the same

Then try stopping the clock before switching screens....

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

it worked, thank you

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