Invoke marker how to

how do i interact with created marker from creatmarker function MIT app inventor.
i have been searching for a while now but can't fine a way to it please help.

you can save the new created marker to a variable, and use the any component event.

If many markers are created, you can save them in a list or dictionary.


thank you ,but can you give me a example because i still kinda new to this
this is my code

i just want to interract with the marker created from the csv file .

what is inside your test1.csv?

test 1.csv (4.0 KB)
it's name,long,lat

what kind of interact? how? when click? the what to do?

i just wat to click it and it would show it's name and when i creast a search function i can search it by name .

thank you very much .
can i have 1 final question where is the "when any" is i can't find it

you need add a marker on map first, then find the block at any component.

i don't have it

check carefully, one line by one line.

found it thank you

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