Inventor of the month award certificate?

Hello, my name is Steven Rice. I am just trying to find out if I can get a new printed certificate for the Adult Inventor of the month award that I received from you guys in October, 2018. Back then, I got an email from, but I took a screenshot of the award. And saved it to my Google Photos. This is all I have to remember such an honor. I am so honored to receive such an award from such a prestigious school. And, I thank you all for your time and help with everything.

Even on the classic to AI2 converter. It would be worthless without the converter, thanks.

 I am so proud of being able to say "I won this award from M. I. T.!"  Now, I hope to be able to put it on display in my room.  Displaying it as a major trophy.

 I am asking you if you could please possibly send me a new printed certificate for the Adult Inventor of the month award that I attached. If you can't send me an official award, I will try to get this printed and framed.

  If you can please possibly bless me with such an award, you can find my address below :

Steven Rice
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Hi Steven,
Congrats for your 2018 win.
Credly has been bought by another company and we do not have access to their materials any more. All we can share again is the attached badge. We do not provide any other certificates.

You can certainly print and frame the website recognition you mention as you wish.

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Thanks guys.

Hi Mr Selim_Tezel,

  I hope you are all doing well. And, I know that this was awarded to me almost 5 years ago. But, I still feel like it is such a prestigious award.  Because, it came to me from the smartest school in the world.

But, I just wanted to let you know that I have updated the final version of this app. You might not have noticed, but the version that I published to the gallery had a bug in the code. If you chose to send the text message to more than one contact, then the app would be sending multiple messages to the first chosen contact.

 Since Oct, 2018, I have noticed that bug and I fixed it.  I'm not sure if anyone over there even cares about this. But, if possible, please try to update the version of this that you have in the Gallery?

I gave everyone access to the link in my GDrive

Kind Regards,
Steven Rice


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