Inventor app for tv screens

Is it possible to design applications with the app inventor for television screens?
If it is really possible, is there a tutorial on this?

Most modern smartphones with most modern televisions can cast/mirror your smartphone.

Or do you mean control your TV from your smartphone?

I mean creating applications for "Google tv" that work with the remote control.

But, it is discontinued TV OS.


Hello Miguel

I have never written one for TV but if your TV has an Android OS, then it should be possible. The only unknown is how to load the App. That may differ between manufacturers.

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Thanks Chris
I have already fixed the problem. Regarding loading the app on the TV, it is simple, the apk is copied to a pendrive and installed on the TV as an element of "unknown sources" from the File Manager application.

That's cool, I found I can't do that on my LG TV :frowning_face:

You need an android tv box for it. :levemente_sonriente_cara:

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