Invalid UUID nuber error when trying to send data to arduino

Im trying to send some data to arduino using bluetooth connection
(BT05 module). When i click button responsible for sending data from phone to arduino pops up "Invalid UUID error: 0xffe0". I have checked mine BT05 UUID service adress and it's "0xFFE0", and thats how i defined in ma adroid app. The error window suggests thet mit app inventor changes capital letter to lower case letters. I also tried using uppercase block but it did not help.

Your Uuid's are identical in the Sketch? Try using my UUID generator - copy-paste the ID's into the App Inventor Block and the Sketch (.ino) file.

Im afraid that i don't understand how to do it. I checked my BT05 UUID by nRF Connect app :

Here is my arduino code:

thanks for help.

OK - your Sketch (Arduino Code) is for Classic Bluetooth and not BLE.

However: Your BT05 module - who is the manufacturer? can you upload a link to the website that describes the BT05?

You do not need to include the "0x" prefix for the serviceUUID and characteristicUUID fields. The BLE extension expects those inputs are hexadecimal.

..I think your Bluetooth Module may be an HC-05 or HM-05, which are Classic BT Modules.

OK i just found out somwhere sth like standard UUID for HM05 module paste it int app inventor and ma diode start to glow as expexted, so at the moment i think my problem is solved :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help, and sacrificed time

I don't think so Eryk - HM05 uses BT Classic and does not require UUIDs. So it looks like you do not need BLE - what does your project actually do?

I have a similar problem when writing and reading data using 16 bit uuid. Please help!!

What version of the BluetoothLE extension are you using? Please also include a picture of the blocks where you try to use a 16-bit UUID.