Invalid translation into Russian

Invalid translation into Russian. The meaning of this block is lost. This block is for removal. A translation into Russian shows a replacement of words and not deletion.

Do you mean the translation for this block

or this block?


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Thank you for showing us the issue - if you find any more mistakes in the translation, please let us know here in your Topic.

@11174 Would you like to contribute to our Russian translation? It hasn’t been updated in years, and I’m sure there are a lot of errors. Many strings are also still in English.

But that block is for "a replacement of words".

Hi! It is a small but important error in a Russian language. Math component "ceiling" is translated into Russian as "round down" ("округление в меньшую сторону") and component "floor" is translated as "round up" ("округление в большую сторону"). Phrases 'Returns the smallest integer that’s greater than or equal to the given number.' and "Returns the greatest integer that’s less than or equal to the given number." are translated into Russian with inverted meaning.

Wow. That's very important.

If you're interested helping update our Russian translation, I invite you to create an account at and send me a private message here to give you permission to translate.

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