Invalid text operation

Hello everyone, I'm from Indonesia.

I was just starting to learn to be able to make a project, but I found the error message. and i don't know where to start to fix it.

please help me to solve this problem..



Thanks :santai:

unfortunately your screenshots are too small to see anything...
your text length is 25 and you are trying to get a partial text, which starts at position 7 and the length is 20... which means, the available length from position 7 to the end of your string can only be 18 or less...
solution: adjust the start position or the length...


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Your command length calculation is wrong.
The segment length should be (endMarking - startMarking) - 1.

Thank you for the help. then how do I change it to be correct?

sorry i just learned about this.

Please download and post each of those event block(s)/procedures here ...
(sample video)

well. thank you for helping. I really want to learn this ..

I'll come back to ask if there is something I don't know. :tersenyum:

sorry in advance, I tried to give the procedure, but I want to give the file that I created as a whole. so that I can study every detail of the mistakes I made.

I uploaded a file to Google Drive, maybe you want to download it and tell me every mistake I made in creating this project?

this is the download link :

actually I wanted to make a motorcycle control system, which can be controlled via a smartphone, at the same time I wanted to learn, because I liked it, but I almost gave up because of my lack of knowledge about this. I hope there is encouragement for me to continue learning.

Sharing our mistakes is a primary function of this board.
If your code is super secret, find some one to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.
Otherwise, export the .aia file and upload it here.

P.S. Your google Drive link does not work.

Sorry. maybe I made a mistake while uploading files to Google Drive ..

Motorcycle_sensor.aia (3.6 MB)

I tried to fix the upload error :
this is for programming the arduino if needed

arduino file :

If I may know, where are you from ?

Anyway, if you want to try to enter the application ... enter the default password 123456

here is a draggable replacement for your procedure, with the change I suggested to extracting the command ...

I notice now that the next step in this procedure has a weakness if the buffer ends in '>'.
The procedure would try to take a segment of length 0, which is beyond the capability of the segment() block.

I did not fix that.

I am a time traveller from the late 1940s, the long way.

well. thank you time traveler :tersenyum: