Invalid firebase

how can i solve this problem

The answer to your question is in your error message. You can create tags in Firebase with those characters. You appear to be using two email addresses which contains . Remove/replace these characters.

do you have an example , how can i do that

Use a text replace block to replace the . with an acceptable character, or as @ABG suggested _dot_.

When you need to use the email address you will have to reverse this change. You can do this both ways programmatically.


emailAdressforfirebasetag from where can i download it because i dont found it in my procedures

There is no block for it. It is a procedure I created. For my own sanity, here is a draggable version (drag this image to your blocks editor, then look in procedures for the result block)

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in red pen : where user will enter email in login form , Is not it right ?
in general where i must add call block ? When the user presses the login button ??

What have you tried?

Place the block on where you have the email address before you send it to firebase.

before When the user presses the sign up button?

button 3 it for sign up and bloginstart it for login in

this all blocks

i wrote and password in login form
i got the same problem and this in firebase

It is difficult to see what you are trying to achieve, also I cannot read your blocks image.

Maybe firebase does not like your tag |||||||| ?
[edit] - no, that seems to be OK too

You can set a tag value to an email address, so the replacement procedure is not needed there. Somewhere you must be setting a tag with an invalid character.

both of these work OK


You cannot set an email address to a tag, e.g.

-- email

will not work and you will get an error back.


You must clean up your email ID tag before asking Firebase to get it, also.

Don't feed raw textbox.Text values directly to Firebase as tags.

what do you mean ?
like black or i must use clear tag? can you do it
red color : valuetagnotthere what i must to put here

I guess the term 'clean up' is new to you, as opposed to 'clean out'.

When you baby sit, do you

  • clean up the baby, or
  • clean out the babies?

One of those is a felony.