Invalid firebase path

Hi I’m trying to store a picture ( I use Image picker if that matters) to firebase, but I got this message everytime "Invalid Firebase path: /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/_app_inventor_image_picker/picked_image7631505505700027617.png Firebase paths must not contain ‘.’, ‘#’, ‘$’, ‘[’, or ‘]’ "

so fare as I can see it’s the dot before png that is the issue ( or is it something else?), but how do I change the path name? and can I just remove the dot or shall I replace it with something else?

Best regard Ellen

It is not possible to store images directly to Firebase using the MIT experimental FirebaseDB control Ellen.

There may be an extension that allows that (it might not be free); you can check Taifun’s summary of extensions he is aware of here

Will an extension allow storing an image in Firebase? I don’t know.

You can store images using the CloudDB tool to store small images. You might want to do that. The control is very similar to FirebaseDB.

A path is a directory, not a file.

Thanks I will look into it :slightly_smiling_face:

See HERE for Firebase Storage extension

and how to use: HERE