Invalid data safety form

I have developed an app with App Inventor that allows you to send messages in Sütterlin script (an old German handwriting). Using an extension, the text is converted into an image file and can then be sent via a messenger app using the share button. The app does not collect any user data at all except perhaps for four shortcut buttons that allow you to store frequently used messages like "I'll get back to you in a minute!" etc.

Recently I was notified by Google Play Store that my "data safety form" was invalid and did not match the behavior of my app.
So I checked the information in the "data safety form" and made some adjustments that I thought were appropriate. But unfortunately this form update was rejected by Google Play Store.

Does anyone know what information is essential for the "data safety form" when an app includes a share button, sends texts as image files, and can store frequently used messages?

Many thanks in advance.

The messages from Google will usually advise you on what is missing....

Sure, they do offer "advise". However, they do not explain – let alone in detail – what exactly needs to be changed.

This may be the area you need to look at....

Thank you. I will check again.

In the meantime, I managed to solve the problem. My latest update of the "data safety form" was accepted.

I had forgotten to mention that the app currently contains an advertising banner from Google AdMob, which apparently collects the device ID for advertising purposes.

Accordingly, it was necessary to put a check mark in the "data safety form" for "device ID" and for "for advertising purposes".