InternetConnection : Extension useful to work with IoT and Apps use Internet : Continuously checks the Network for Internet Access : No need to use Clock

  • The InternetConnection extension is very much useful to work with Internet of Things (IoT) and The Apps use Internet.*

  • It Continuously Checks the Network for Internet Access.

  • No need to use the Clock block for this purpose in the app coding.

:point_right: The only block of this extension : ‘InternetConnection’ is…

:point_right: The event InternetConnection.Results of this extension has its own Timer that checks the network continuously (No need to use the Clock block) for the internet access and delivers the results as parameters which can be used in the app coding…

InternetConnection.Results - Event - Parameters Description

  • Network Status : ssid, mobile or disconnected

  • IP Address : Local IP Address or disconnected)

  • Internet Access : true or false

  • Metered Internet : true or false

The parameter networkStatus gives the SSID of the WiFi Network to which the device is connected.
The phrase mobile, if it is connected to the Mobile Network.
Otherwise, the phrase disconnected, if it is disconnected from the network.

The parameter ipAddress gives the Local IP Address with which the device is connected to the network.
Otherwise, if it is disconnected from the network.

If the parameter internetAccess is true, the Internet is available.
If it is false, there is no internet.

If the parameter meteredInternet is true, there is a data limit in accessing internet.
If it is false, there is no data limit in accessing internet.

:point_right: Screenshots of the app using this extension are…

:star:Try and feel the usefulness of this extension. That’s it.

Download the resources here:

:point_right: Use this extension and feel free to suggest the improvements.

Thank you
Hema Srinivas

:heart_eyes: P.S.

This extension is very useful in making apps for IoT with Arduino, ESP, Raspberry PI and many other embedded hardware and apps using Internet.

Happy coding.


Might be useful to be able to start and stop it, so you can use it only when you need it.
(save a few cycles)

(perhaps output a running/not running property ?)


Thank you for your comment.

  • When app goes to background, it stops checking.

  • It is necessary to check for internet access continuously while working with IoT, to know the hardware which we are controlling is on online or not.

This would make the extension nicer to use.

It is the important factor which is a must with IoT.

Nice Extension! I am using it as a part of my upcoming app!

Wow i like that :heart_eyes: :+1:

Very good extension!
But when changing screens sometimes it shows that cannot find components. But everything is working. This alert is annoying. I guess it is because it tries to do something with some components before app loaded them. Could you check it?

Even in very easy app - made button and tries to change its text when internet is on or when internet is off. Then when changing screens it sometimes says it cannot find component - this button.
Thank you in advance.

Show here the blocks that change screens in your application. I suspect the problem is with the incompetent changing screens.

It happens only in Emulator and Companion. When build in App everything is all right. :slight_smile:

So all is well. With companion, no one will update the application anyway :wink:

can you add internet speed meter option??

What does the block InternetConnection1 do and for what can you use it?

have you tested the demo aia?

this is the component itself, in this case the extension...
theoretically you could use it in the advanced blocks... see an example with checkbox components here App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Checkbox | Pura Vida Apps