Internal error while running appinventor

i got internal error occurred while opening a project in my appinventor -

it was working fine till i added a visible is it because of that component?
the component code -
RatingBars.txt (2.1 KB)


You need to follow documentation for adding visible component because all visible components have thair own mock component for designer preview.

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Please specify if you are running an offline/custom version of AI2.

Changing category.

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Also you need to add visible = true argument into @DesignerComponet annotation which you have not added.

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custom version

will try @preetvadaliya

i tried the method you said @preetvadaliya but it did not fix that

Have you created mockup for your component

i dont what is mockup? and how to make make it?

as I said in my previous post, mock is a simple java class that represents particular visible components into designer preview.

Let us tack an example of the button...

when you drag a button into a designer you will see a button into designer something like that. and also visible properties like height width change on the mock component according to your change into the designer property.

so how to make a mockup and where to place it @preetvadaliya

I would strongly recommend that you read section 4 of the "How to add a component" documentation.



MockComponents are GWT widget so first you need to learn GWT

i cant understand any sorry about that i just wanna know how to fix this error if it is because of mockup then how to make it and where to place it

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as @ewpatton sir said read the How to Add a Component article

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so those who are facing the same error you can check out my guide -