Internal Error Session Timeout

Today in class, I had two students get the error message "Internal Error Session Timeout". I don't have a clue what they did to get this but nothing we do will allow them to get signed in. We tried:

  • everything listed in the error message

  • shutting down the browser and reopening it

  • restarting the computer.

No I will admit that both students are trouble makers so there is no telling what they did. I just need to know how to fix this.

Welcome Beverly

If you working on an app using MIT App Inventor on Google Chrome browser and then leave it for some time, you probably will encounter the Session Timeout .

Session Timeout means you left the App Inventor 2 too long without interaction (usually inactivity about five minutes or so). When you ignore the compiler that long, the session times out.

The cure. Close your browser and reload the App Inventor 2 app. However, you tried the easy suggestions to recover Beverly . Good attempt.

Here are two suggestions you did not have;

The advice assumes the student somehow logged out.

  • clear the browser cache. Make sure the computer is using Chrome or Firefox as the browser. Do not use Edge; Edge appears to work but Edge users often experience inexplicable issues.

  • we have had reports where 'the issue just goes away'; I do not expect that is going to happen because your other students (they are all in a real class room with PCs and not working from home?) are happily coding.

Try these suggestions and let us know what happens.

A similar issue can occur where there is a coding issue with the loading project. The test here is to attempt to load a different Project for these two students. Do that and what happens? If an alternate Project loads, there is an issue with their Project code. They might have a huge aia (lots of images and sound files perhaps).

I have done everyting on the list from that link. I still can't get him in.

Also we are using Chrome.

Sorry nothing worked.

  • have him (now only one student ?) use the alternative App Inventor 2 server. This is not a fix but a way to work around the issue Beverly. Have him try developing his Projects at the MIT server at . This server does not require an email log in, it uses an access code he will have to note and save. If the code is lost; he will never be able to return to the Projects developed there. This alternative server does not contain any Projects he may have created on the main server If he goes this route, he will lose access to the existing Projects. You can request MIT to help move the existing Projects to that server if there are any.

Is that something ya'll would like to try?

I placed a flag on this discussion for an MIT developer to comment. It might take a while.