Internal error bug | how to avoid in future

hi all, just wondering regarding this bug.. its does not really occur frequently, however, since I have been using it(app inventor) I face this internal error several time

and most of the time the recent block that i created will lost, sometimes it really confusing as i cant really remember which block did i lost :sweat_smile: because i keep experimenting and sometimes i did try and error to solve certain issue.

Any idea on how to avoid this issue in future,thanks

notes (if you guys facing this issue do send the bug report as it help in making MIT App Inventor better!) :grinning: :+1:

Sorry, that happens due to many different things. Look at this List of Internal Error issues and see if anything discussed in the various threads is familiar.

An error is most often tripped if there are lots of Block and or Layouts. Sometimes if a Project gets corrupted (and then the issue is not usually resolvable). Sometimes the Project will load if you wait a while and try again. Sometimes the error might trip if you are using an extension that requires upgrading. We speculate that sometimes the issue is variable Internet DSL speed. Lots of possible issues.

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i see, thanks for sharing :+1: :100:

will look through that list of internal error issue

I notice your popup has a dark theme.
Are you using browser extensions that change browser appearance?
Those can mess with AI2 web traffic and slow down your browser.

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its theme

does this effect?

I would check browser extensions and plugins first, then themes.
Builtin themes are less likely to cause problems than extensions that try to modify web traffic dynamically.

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If you can share your project here, we can run some tests to determine whether the issue due to something in your project or something else.

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i see , noted with that

i might not be able to share here, however i may send the project file( .aia) file via direct message

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