Intermediate Map Zoom Level

Is it possible to set the map zoom level to a setting between integers ?
Obviously we can pinch and adjust the zoom level between say 11 and 12 to what ever we want it to be but can this same be achieved using blocks ?

Did you try ?

Yes, I tried decimals and they weren't recognised.
12.1 seemed to jump to 1

Ill try it again to be sure as you seem to suggest it should work.
(my recollection was incorrect, the decimal fractions just didnt seem to be having any effect, with map1 zoom level of 14, I set map zoom to current map zoom level (14) - .1 the result is map1 zoom level 13)

If i set map zoom to a decimal say 10.5 via the set zoom block then set a text box to map1 zoom level 10 is displayed not 10.5

No, I just suggested you tried it. As you have found, it doesn't work.

Thank you for testing this.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ok, I thought you would already know one way or the other. There isn't much you guys don't already know.

I'm surprised as we can pinch and adjust so I expected to be able to achieve a similar result using blocks ...

Id wager that SteveJG knew ! lol

So your answer is No its not possible ?

As you discovered

however, you can pinch the map if you have a zoom control ticked and get an 'intermediate' zoom that will report as the next closest tile. :cry:
You can confirm this using the zoom +/- control and the ZoomChange Block


but you cannot get intermediate 'zooms' using Blocks.

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