Intercom (bluetooth/wifi) - two way voice communication app?

Intercom (bluetooth/wifi)

Any suggestions as to what might be required to make an app for two way voice communication over bluetooth and/or wifi ?

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Trying with UDP...

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@Juan_Antonio took up the "challenge" and came up with this fine extension


I never really said what prompted me to ask about this.

I was networking (hardwiring ethernet cables) my son's new house, and had to do some "fishing" down a cavity from the loft (attic) to the ground floor. I was in the loft dangling a weight on the end of a length of string, needing to communicate with my wife two floors down, who was peering into a small hole in the cavity on the ground floor looking for the weight/string. We just made a phone call to each other, but I thought how useful it would be to communicate locally using the up and running wifi network. She eventually spotted the string and grabbed it, we could then pull the cable down the cavity on the string (which is now left in place for any future cable runs, if needed)

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