Integrate app inventor with moodle

Hello everyone,

I am working on a school website and my goal is to add app inventor as a functionality in the website so that students can login to their account and directly access the app inventor without any login. So what I need is the source code of the app inventor for a website that I use in the website without any sso integration.

I will be very thankful if someone can find me a way around.

Include a link to in one of the web pages.

@ABG Thanks for your reply but I want to host the project on my own server, Is is possible to get the source code if possible?

This is the setup for windows I need for website, that I can directly access on web without any jdk.
It will be better if any library of js or something like that will help.

Not just Windows.

There are instructions for building on Linux (your website probably runs on a linux server), and for building with Google Cloud (AppEngine).