Installing the App Inventor Setup software package

Hello gues,please what does it means this " You must perform the installation from an account that has administrator privileges
thank you

Welcome Nour.

Administrator privileges is a Win10 thing.

When you install the aiStarter, instead of left clicking the exe file to install, right click and you will see the following pop up


Clicking Run as administrator will load aiStarter to your PC correctly.

then what i will do!!

I think aistarter is for companion through USB,
If you want to install offline version
Download from here

you mean i use a USB !!!

AiStarter is running, now to test your project go to connect and choose emulator

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Welcome Nikhil.

Yes this is true but aiStarter is needed for the emulator online also. :slight_smile: and that is what Nour is asking about

yes that is it

okay it works ,thank you