Install an APK after downloading to ASD - works on all Android versions

Did you rename the APK to <yourApk>.png before uploading to Google Drive?

As shown here:

Try this:


Yes, I've already tried all of them but I've always the same error.
So, if I disable the block with the installation, I don't have any problem downloading the apk and I can complete it, but even if I click on the "Instalar" button, I have the same error.
I think the problem consists in this part of the program, do you have any suggestions?
Hope I was clear

@Claudio_Demaria Try this one:

If it doesn't work for you, which device & Android version?

Please excuse the delay, but finally this apk works! I mean the "installAPK_AI2.apk"..
Can I see the blocks? Thank you very much!

I just updated the extension to version 6 (added two new blocks):

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I've downloaded the version 6, and now I have this problem.. It can't build the apk

Post the aia.

Instalacion.aia (25.8 KB)

I opened your aia and got this:

Please ... :pray:

Your url is also wrong. So PLEASE check it before posting. :pray:

Check this one: Instalacion_2.aia (25.9 KB)


I have the following problem. The downloaded file has only 2079 instead of 3574513 bytes. When I download the file with the web-component, it downloads completely. What am I doing wrong?

Autoupdate.aia (46,5 KB)