Insert text in photo

I needed a new item to continue working, browsing articles and posts but I didn’t find anything similar.
I want the user to be able to drag a textbox into the image, adjust its length and width, and write its text inside it.
Similar to my profile photo
Thanks in advance for your guidance

Have a look at the Image extension by Taifun, particularly the overlay. You could use this with canvas saveas where you would place the text after typing to make a transparent png file for the overlay ?

Alternatively you could look at doing much the same online using a server with imagemagick on board:

I have read this article before
My problem is dragging and dropping the textbox into an image

Dragging from where to where ?

At the bottom of the page is a text box that can be dragged onto the canvas.
The ability to adjust the length and width and location of the user is determined by the user and finally added as a tag to the original image.
I’m working with ImageSprite right now, maybe a good result … but I don’t know

Why don’t you use the DrawText block in the canvas?

I do not know the location of the block and how to work with it
Can you give a simple example of this?

Like I said, the DrawText blocks are in the Canvas.
You need to specify the x and y where the text will be drawn (you can get those from the canvas dragging event), the text you want to display and in the case of the DrawTextAngle block, you can also specify an angle to draw text diagonally or rotated.

thank you
I will try to do it with your suggested method
Although I haven’t worked with these blocks so far, it probably takes a long time to get to know them.
Thank you for your guidance

Not really. It’s very intuitive.
You will understand those right away after trying it.