Insert, in the mobile phone "airplane mode"

Is it possible to enter "airplane mode" in the mobile phone automatically via blocks?

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I'm sorry, but I don't understand why you contacted me, I have seen all your works and I must say that they are really very interesting.

Would you be able to create a function that, through a button or automatically, as I wrote in the post, is able to enter airplane mode and then switch it off?

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I just changed the topic category, it is possible to toggle the airplane mode, probably there is an extension out there.

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This may also be helpful, to learn more,


Although I am able to create apps of some usefulness, I find it very difficult to use some appinventor functions because I have no memory.
Thanks I found the page and the explanation strings, but how do I enter the string:

to then perform the activation and deactivation operation, you could not post me just some example blocks, then I will try to get by myself.
Thanks to both of you, I also looked for an extension but couldn't find it.

Just open the settings using the activity starter so the user can enable/disable airplane mode

Use action= android.settings.AIRPLANE_MODE_SETTINGS

To toggle airplane mode is not that simple and different for each device manufacturer, see also



If it is not the same in all devices, we might as well ask the user to do this, I think it is much safer, even if it would have been better to do it from code.
Thanks to all you are always the best.