Insert extra question

Let's say questions A are the original question and question B are the extra question. When I get at least 2 wrong answers from question A then the screen will show question B. If I get 2 wrong answers from question B, then the screen will show "game over"? May I know how to do that or is it possible to do that? :sweat_smile: .Thankies:)
Here is my code but I havent start to do the extra question yet
Demo_2_1 (1).aia (135.9 KB)


Use if .. then .. else Conditional statements. Programming Your App to Make Decisions shows how to use the tool.

How to do it in your Project depends on what you coded so far. You didn't share your Blocks so you get the generic advice above.


Try this:
checkboxstuffidk.aia (2.7 KB)
(don't mind the name please)

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Hi Kumar the aia file seems not working for me :sweat_smile:

Ah, sorry, I didn't see your .aia file.

Demo.aia (135.4 KB)

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Ahhh I got it! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

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