Inquiry about airtable

Hello friends, I have a query regarding an application that I would like to create. It is about a virtual store, where you can modify the prices of the products, add or remove products from an external server, I thought of using airtable. Now my question is how to pass my list from air table to the app. I was looking for information about it and I did not find anything, if anyone knows of any guide please let me know.

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this is all we know, so far...

I did a little experimentation with AirTable, without using the AirTable facilities of our commercial competitor(s), just using the Web component.
With the introduction of the Web PATCH block, you can do CRUD against AirTable. (edit - ABG)

Here are some of my records from that experiment. I might have not gotten around to documenting it, because I took my notes before the PATCH block became available.

Add Record Response Help API Documentation List records response Uploading: Update Patch result.PNG... Uploading: When Screen1 ErrorOccured.PNG...


Do you mean PATCH ?

Yes, PATCH. The proper term had faded from memory since I experimented.
Thank you.


A followup note about the PATCH block ...

It's only on ai2-test, waiting for the next release.