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Hello Everyone,

i am trying to design an app to project all the available restaurants on my area, so i want a way all this info to be pre stored and ready to be retrieved on my app.Is this possible?

Moreover, i want a search button where the user can search with keywords the entire database and return results that are similar to the keyword he wrote.

Thanx in advance!

Yes, you can do that. Place all that information into a Google spreadsheet and use it as a database or you can download it to your device using a Web component , put it in a ListView and use the ListView filter to ‘search’ . There are more elaborate and complex ways.

You know you can also do this with an ActivityStarter using a pre-populated Google database of restaurants. This is a finder app. Find a hospital, a take out restaurant etc. based on where you are located (it has a LocationSensor to know). Find anything the you might find useful.
theApp doing a Google search.

With only 57 Blocks.
COVIDFacilityMaps.aia (4.0 KB)


thanx a lot!

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