Info reserved area

hi i have an app with 3 screens. i wanted to create a reserved area where only those who have a code can access.
i would like to create a reserved area button on screen 3 which opens the request for a code upon entry it takes me to screen 4 where i can create a series of links that are open by clicking on a button.
it is possible to create a button requesting a code that leads to screen4.

like this?


hi Kevinkun yes nice, so when you click on button1 a notification appears with input code here
if they respond with the correct code it takes you to screen4
two questions
What should I put in the title?
I have to insert the correct code in get response = where you wrote abcde?
if they don't have the code you can cancel the notification mask without closing the app?

If you tried these codes, you will find your answer.

Sorry Notifier , where can I find it? Is it an extension to download?


thanks you are great
it works, it is possible to display the password not in clear text but with *****


Perfect, it works, thank you, you are fantastic