Indicate the error in the blocks with a yellow color

Good morning everyone and thanks again for the work you do to help us.

Sorry, but is it so difficult to color in yellow the possible error that app inventor reports when compiling the Apk?

I've been trying to figure out where it is for days and what I need to do to correct it, but nothing to do.

Even with translation and online research, I only find generic explanations.

While if it were indicated by a color, I would easily find the example line: (3995 or 1000 or 4000), and perhaps you would be able to understand what it is and how to intervene.

Another problem: I had to delete from Media, 240 files including images, .CSV - .Mp3 files, and I had to do it, deleting them one by one, why didn't you include the possibility of selecting those to be deleted and carrying out the deletion in a single operation? ?

Same thing, if I need to delete a set of components, I should be able to delete them by selecting them all.

Export your aia project to your computer.
Open the project using a zip program
Delete assets from the assets folder
Close the opened aia project
Import the aia project to your AI2

It was so plausible that I feel like a lamer once again. Which is no exception considering all the times I make mistakes.
Thank you.

However, if it could be done from within App inventor it wouldn't be bad for the components either.
Still better than nothing.

Debug your app before compiling !

I don't understand what I should do and how I debug and what it means.

Thanks to everyone, I also give up because I can't translate the pages of the links you gave me.

From the little I seemed to understand, I didn't understand anything.

Thanks anyway, I will try to put the blocks back one by one and try to create the Apk with each modification, so I hope to find the error.

It would have been better and simpler, as I have already written, to color the block containing the error yellow and perhaps I would have solved it.

You must understand that very often, the translations are not perfect, furthermore it is already difficult to understand what you are trying to tell me and furthermore the lack of block programming experience does the rest, it is not your fault, but mine.

Have a nice day and thanks again.