Index of an item from a csv generated list

Hello, I have a list generated from a csv, Say A, B, C, D. I would like to try to give the program "C" and have it return 3. But the list is acting strange. Using the list picker, it displays the items as (A), (B), (C), (D), and using the "select list item" block with an index of 3 it returns ["C"]. I've tried to give the program, C, (C), ["C"]. But each time it returns with an index of zero. What am I doing wrong. Are others having this same issue?

can you show me your blocks, because i still don't understand what you are trying to do

And show your csv file too.

I have figured out the issue, It seems app inventor doesn't play nicely when you use a csv table.
I'll probably make a more through reply though so the issue is documented.

It makes a difference whether you load your ListPicker or ListView with Elements or ElementsFromString.

Thanks, I was using csv tables thinking they were rows

Yes, you need to know how a csv table performs versus a csv row.

Here is a csv table example

Surely there is no problem with the lists and CSV format in ai2. You must have something wrong in your blocks.