Index for task management app

Can you help me? My goal is to create an app for task control I'm using the dictionary and list blocks. But I cannot create an index for the data stored under the names of those responsible. Changing a data or deleting a task much less. I already read the information about the blocks integrated on the MIT website, I looked for a similar question here on the forum, I did a Google search and I didn't find what I need. I did several experiments but did not get the desired result. Can someone help me?blocks (13)

blocks (10) blocks (9) blocks (5)

This app needs some data modelling work, and attention to nomenclature.

I see from your blocks that you haven't

  • used the taglist feature
  • built up compound tags using a '/' separator.
  • employed names for the objects needed for this kind of app:
    • projects
    • assignments
    • tasks
    • workers
    • project managers

You also haven't mentioned why you need CloudDB rather than TinyDB, and the scale of your app (multi-user? multi-project?).

Here is some reading for you:

How to classify information in a tag/value database:

How to structure data in a shared online tag/value database:

Thanks for the reading suggestions. About not having used certain names as workers, assignments and others, the reason is that I have already made many attempts and decided to make a very simple code, focusing on the basics of the idea to try to reduce errors. About CloudDB it is because TinyDB has greater limitations on storage capacity which leads to when I will check what I stored it was modified. About tag lists and tags without a separator, I don't even know what they are (but I won't give up on learning). As I said, thanks for the help today I will start reading.