Incremental counter clock question

hi i have a question about this block if the clock timer works with the conditional if and this will be working in the incremental using the conditional and will be incremental inside the if conditional

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What is the issue ?

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its about to control the time counter using a conditional. in this case global =1 its about a button click. so when the button click is press button. the counter seconds its incremental from 0 to 60 s inside the timer block and inside the if conditional. but i compile the apk and the timer dont incremental. i dont know how to make to the incremental work inside the if using the clock timer for work

Where/how do you start and stop the clock timer?

the timer is enable when press the button there is the blocks and the system dont have a stop button, its just to incremental the time from 0 to 60 s


It's completely unclear what this is about. Explain it exactly - step by step. And post all relevant blocks.

You do not have a Clock1.Timer event handler Block. If you did, you could use it to stop counting at 60.

Something like:

If segundos >= 60 then Clock1.TImer.Enabled = false

might be what you want to stop the timer after 60 seconds.

This should work, but only once after clicking the button. When you click a second or third time, etc., the clock will run but will no longer count up.