Increment of value in variable not corresponding to button

hello greetings, I have created this app in mit to communicate with a web component with an esp8266 in arduino ide I have a problem that I have not been able to solve, in the app I created 4 buttons with their labels where I press the increase and decrease buttons of each variable that It comes to me from esp 8266 and I visualize, the problem is the following when I press a button the corresponding variable is increased but when I press another button the same variable is increased by one value and then the other. In the arduino code I send the data through client.print () and I receive them in the app and I separate them with "," I attach the blocks

 if (header.indexOf("GET /dec_timeCL1") >= 0) {

              if (CilindroPUSH_ON > 0) {
                CilindroPUSH_ON -= 1000;


            if (header.indexOf("GET /inc_timeCL1") >= 0) {

              if (CilindroPUSH_ON < 10000) {
                CilindroPUSH_ON += 1000;


            //******************************DELAY CILINDRO PUSH***************************************

            if (header.indexOf("GET /dec_delayCL1") >= 0) {

              if (CilindroPUSH_OFF > 0) {
                CilindroPUSH_OFF -= 1000;


            if (header.indexOf("GET /inc_delayCL1") >= 0) {

              if (CilindroPUSH_OFF < 10000) {
                CilindroPUSH_OFF += 1000; // increment the value by 1000

client.println("HTTP/1.1 200 OK");
            client.println("Connection: close");
            client.print(CilindroPUSH_ON / 1000);
            client.print(CilindroPUSH_OFF / 1000);
            client.print(CilindroRETENEDOR_ON / 1000);
            client.print(CilindroRETENEDOR_OFF / 1000);

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Hello, I tried to do this but the problem still persists,
I use 4 buttons, 2 of which are for +increment and -decrement of the same variable "inc_timeCL1"/ "dec_timeCL1" and display the changes in the label "datoT_CL1" .
2 buttons to + increase and - decrease the variable "inc_DelayCL2" / "dec_DelayCL2" and display it in the label "datoD_CL2" changes.

When I press any of the buttons, a single digit of the variable that does not correspond to it increases, if I keep pressing it increases or decreases its corresponding variable, what could this be due to? thank you