Increase the precision of the decimals

Hello. I made an application that will retrieve gps coordinates via a gps and bluetooth module using an arduino. So far no problems, the coordinates are well displayed on the map but except that the value displayed does not exceed more than 2 decimals. I still tried the "decimal number format" block but nothing changes.
Concretely, when the gps coordinates are :
latitude = 42.465676 and longitude = 4.342563 the application will display latitude = 42.470000 and longitude = 4.340000 so I lose too much precision. I would like to have help with a possible solution please. Thank you for your help.

You can not improve the data provided by MIT's LocationSensor by formatting the decimal.

The gps information provided by the LocationSensor is five (5) decimals precision.

You could use a LocationSensor extension that uses more satellite constellations in it's geocoordinate assessment; the LS in App Inventor only reads the data from the original constellation.

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I don't use a LocationSensor, i use a external gps module for arduino which send latitude et longitude over 10 decimal and i want only 6

Please use Do it on select list get global data index .. and post a screenshot, because format as decimal should work