Incoming call number

I would send the incoming phone call number to arduino with Bluetooth
Is that possible?
I found this


I made this block


I am able to get the incomming call trace in compiled apk, but not from compainion

Lastly, you won’t be able to test this functionality if you use the companion from the Google Play Store as Google made us remove the functionality. However, the version we publish under App Inventor’s Help > Companion Information screen does include the functionality. Alternatively, you can compile your app every time.

Hello SZ

Depending on the model/version of your Arduino, you should use Bluetooth Classic or BLE, and not the Serial Library.

The Block "PhoneCall1 . PhoneCallStarted" is for an outgoing call really, although the "status" differentiates between incoming and outgoing.

What is the specification of your Arduino?

Yes, but for just incomming call, this block can be used with conditional block

Hot out of the Blocks rnareshu :sunglasses: I assume the call is going to be answered, in which case the "IncomingCallAnswered" block is better, but then we don't know why SZ wants to send the number to a microcontroller.

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Maybe just to get notified.

Hello again SZ

Why do you want to send the phone number to an Arduino? We need to know this given that it can be a way to launch a malicious attack.

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It is rnareshnu, it is r and n, not m

Sorry, I'm old and often miss-spell - really looks like an 'm' though.

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Indeed. This is also how fake emails work though. You could use a cursive font to understand better.

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arduino has to do something if the phone number match with the that one in its list
I have severals old smartphone and i would like to use them

That is the bit we are interested in knowing S_Z. What is the something? You don't need an incoming call in order to send a phone number to an Arduino.....?

i need to open a garage door you want to phone ahead of arrival with phone1. Phone2 checks that it is an approved calling number and if so, tells the Arduino to trigger a relay which drives a motor to open the door.

So in fact, whilst you can use Bluetooth between Phone2 and the Arduino, you could connect them with a USB cable as the phone can be in the same box as the Arduino and the relay.

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can you suggest a cable?