In-Range BluetoothClient Device Name Filter

Hi, I am new to this app and I have a question:

Is it possible to filter a list of the in-range paired-bluetooth devices with the device names begin with "FFHBT" (case sensitive) ?

I have a simple block like this:

That block shows all of the paired devices and I cannot figure out how I can filter the list.

Thank you!

What does it do? Is it something like FFHBT-device etc? If so you can do this:

Say if you have the list:
it should return ["FFHBT-device1", "FFHBT-device3", "FFHBT-device66"]

Then you can set that in the list picker.

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The advanced list blocks include a filter list block you can interpose into your Elements loading.

Thank you apsw! That makes sense. I will try and see how it goes.

Where can I read about advanced list blocks? I could not find it.

They are near the bottom of the built in list blocks pallet.

Hover to get tool tips.

I tried to make your blocks but I could not find some of them.

This is what I got:

Never mind, I found it. :slight_smile:

I changed my blocks following yours:

I run it on my phone and the list was empty. No device was shown.

When I changed back to my first blocks:

All of the paired devices are there including the ones with "FFHBT ..." names.

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So show us your entire list of devices.

With these blocks

I receive

With these

I receive

Looking at this again I might know what the problem is. The index for the "select list item" might need to have a value of 2 instead of 1.

Yes! I got it!

Thank you everyone! :heart:

Thank you! This solves part of my problem.

How do I list only the devices in range?

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