In-App-Payments for Digital Download Products

I need to try something completely new: in-app-purchases. I please need to know which kind of In-App-Purchase extension is at the moment accepted by Google Play? I know, there were some changes in the past with the version in 2022. Version 4 and higher is necessary. How is this today, please? Which version is necessary? I had a look at the blocks, but I did not understand what the blocks are doing and how it works? Could someone help, please? Is there a free in-app-purchase extension that works at the moment? If not, which paid extension does work, please? Do I need an admob account for in-app-purchases? I have deleted my admob account, because there were problems from the past with this account, and they have told me to delete my developer account, if I would not change something. Is it allowed to integrate PayPal in an app as payment method? This I would prefer. Thank you!


You can use this latest (paid) extension ↓

Hello Jewel, I need a complete in app billing extension. Do you also offer free support for your extension? I have no idea how to setup in app billing. Thanks.

Hello Jewel, I tried to watch your video, but it is completely blurry. Even I cannot read the block names. Also it is sometimes hard to understand your English. You can fix this problems with subtitles and with a much higher video resolution. If I would buy your extension for 15$, which is called the price on Taifun's page, will I receive a valid invoice with a valid VAT number from you? Are you minimum 18 years? Thanks.

This is a complete in-app billing extension with all available features with the latest sdk 5.2.0.

Yes, I'll provide you support after purchased the extension to integrate it into your application.

I've uploaded 1080p video into youtube, please change video quality setting from your youtube application/browser. And I'll add subtitle soon.

I'm 24+ years old.

There are many payment methods are available to pay. Please text me on WhatsApp/Telegram to get my payment details.