In activitystarter action, does android.intent.action.VIEW work with iPhone? or what?

Trying to link to a website on either platform

If you write android.intent.action.VIEW then logically it will not work (for iPhone).

Right - so how do you write a cross-platform version of that that will work on android OR iOS? App Inventor is claiming that it works on both Android AND iOS platforms, so there must be some way to solve this.
Again, the intent is to open a webpage when a button is clicked.

... then use a WebViewerwebViewerURL instead of the ActivityStarter.

For ActivityStarter, only android.intent.action.VIEW is supported at this time. It's not clear why it isn't working in your case. What URL are you trying to open?

thanks, I think SteveJG has it covered

thanks - I will try this - it looks simpler and more robust

Hey - that worked - thanks

hello i wrote an android app, but now i would like to transfer it to ios.
Almost everything works, except android.intent.action.VIEW of course, to send an email. What can I replace it with? on ios?

Thanks for any suggestions

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