Improvements to Searching Blocks in a previous Beta version?

Does anyone know what happened to the work of Cecellia (Cece) Tsui regarding Improvements to Searching in App Inventor published on tinkerblocks (2018) ? It seems that she implemented an advanced search function in App Inventor but may be in a separate code branch ..?!

I'm not sure that the date of that publication is correct. That project predates a lot of work we did around the blocks editor in 2017, and I'm fairly certain it predates me joining the App Inventor team. We're now in another round of updating Blockly, but this new version has a plugin system and we're hoping that once we've upgraded we can work on reviving some of these older experimental features.

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Just curious, here we can see old projects: Searching, Zooming, Debugging

Old Theses:

TAIL: Conversion between Blocks and Text.

Folders: A Visual Organization System for MIT App Inventor.

Thank you Evan! Advanced methods for searching and organizing the blocks would be a great improvements. Any rough idea regarding the time schedule? Months, years ..??

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