Improvement Suggestion

Improvement Suggestion
Hello. Thank you very much for making this tool possible. I wanted to suggest the possibility that within the "Designer" space you can place comments that help to better document the parts of the program. I hope my suggestion is useful.

That's a good idea Alfredo, I will add it to our list.

A good way to put help information in both Designer and Blocks is to create an HTML page and add its address to Designer - Screen1 - TutorialURL

The page can be made with the following template...

Example, write this in Designer - Screen1 - TutorialURL

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As far as I know there is a PR that changes the appearance of the designer and adds property descriptions. I guess you mean something else.

Sorry but... what is PR?

Pull Request.

Hola. ¿Podrías aclararme qué es PR?
Hello. Could you explain what PR is?

Thank You
Muchas Gracias.

App inventor is open source on github. You can report bugs there and make improvements. An improvement thread is opened. But that's probably not what you're talking about.

En GitHub, "PR" significa "Pull Request" (solicitud de extracción). Un Pull Request es una función de GitHub que permite a los desarrolladores colaborar en un proyecto mediante la propuesta de cambios en un repositorio y solicitar que esos cambios se fusionen con la rama principal.

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