Impossible to make a donation with paypal

I've been trying to donate for a Taifun Flashlight extension for days, and for another extension.
But after having filled in all the fields perfectly, I click send and it forces me to open a Paypal account, which I don't want to open, I just have to make a donation, not open an account, and if I don't fill in the fields it won't make me donate.
This by entering the details of my visa card,
If I try to make the payment with paypal it rightly does not recognize the credentials because I do not have an account, so some of the extension writers, report the problem to these gentlemen. Good day to all.

Or maybe, something not entirely to be discarded, am I doing something wrong?
But I have already made other donations and this problem did not exist.


With this specific problem only the developer, @Taifun , can help you

I assigned @Taifun to this topic.


Unfortunately it is currently only possible to donate via PayPal or Bitcoin
Alternatively you can try this link
Thank you


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