Impossible to attach File - sharing a clip with Taifun extension

Hello to every one.
I have one big problem. It' s to attach File when i try to share a clip.
I think the path it's true, cause I put a notify, so I can see.
I can choose the app with share, and if I choose email, the email it will be open
the clip.mp4 appear and disapper soon as possible. The warring say something like
this : Impossible to attach the file.

If I try whatsapp the attachment not compare...

I find several solution solve path uri problem, I try every one. The best it's this...but something isn't going well.... Here my job

Thanks at all

unfortunately we can't see it...
please provide a Do it result

use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
see also Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools

Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

The choise Do it it's disable. I cant select it.

How you think is the issue ? Privilege or else ?

Connect to the companion or emulator, then try again.

the path retrieve is

Instead of using call TaifunFile1.GetFileName, just give the variable clip.

I have not the only GetFileName.
I have GetFileNameContentUri or GetURIFileName. Wich one ? I have no the last extension version ??? How I download ?

Use this-
blocks (1)
instead of

The only way to appear a sharing app it's the last. in yellow.
but when I try to send a message or email, tell me it's impossible to attach the clip.
So, I'm again at the start point.
not running

Try this:

Sorry, What is ?

Which Android version are you testing on?

Install the APK on your test device and try ...

ok. now i check also android version

the version is 10

it's not opening a sdk camera,
so it's running again how ever

What does this mean?

Btw, your blocks should work, but it seems that the Sharing component requires READ permission on API < 29. So try to grant it in the app settings.

Thanks Anke, Do you know where I can take some exemples about that ?
This is my first MIT APP Inventor APP....:wink: and for this I'm not to all pratice.

That I would to tell you about sdk camera is...
When I start my app, the app opening a camera standard and not sdk camera.

I can take a clip. I can share. But whe I try to complete sharing message the app of sharing message (whatsapp, gmail, or other) ...tell me that is impossible to attach clip.

I think you are right about privilege and I want to try.
Thanks too much, I just see some other response you give other person....but I didn't find some for me.

Focus : the issue is when email is opening. Appear and soon disappear attachment with the notify about impossible to attach file.
(The clip is correctly save in storage)
So the permission is about my app to read a storage, or email app to read a clip,
or when I call a sharing app (email), when I pass the storage path(maybe not correctly) of my clip....which one of theese cause ?