Impossible text longer than one line

I hope, someone can help me. I am trying to get a text longer than one line in a text block but it doesn´t work. I already chose the checkbox “multiline”, but nothing happens. The text ends at the end of the first line. SORRY for my bad english, I hope someone is able to understand my question.

Have you set the height of the textbox ? If so, set it to automatic then it will grow as you add more text. You do need multiline checked

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Use \n for New Line in text blocks.

If you have a lot of text, load it at startup from a text file in the Media folder,
to keep your block count low and your Blocks Editor happy.

If you mean a text block like this:


then this is what you get. It is a blocky thing

Yes, i have set the Textblock tothe full screen, but it happens nothing.

you have to test your project for example using the companion app to see the correct result...
the designer will not display this correctly...
see also the screenshots @Anke provided earlier...


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Thank you for your answer! It helps me!

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