Importing Template Using URL

I have a custom template I would like my students to be able to import.

I tried using the "Import Project from Repository" function, then selected the "Import using Library URL".. I pointed that to an AIA file and got an error, "Unable to load Project Template Data." wondering what I need to do to get students a template using a URL. Assuming I may need to create my own library, but I could not locate information on that.

Downloading is not an option due to school Chromebook limitation.


Take the Project that you would like to distribute to your students, and save it to the Gallery.
Give your students the Gallery link, and that will lead them to importing the Project directly into AI2 under their account, without need for a download.

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Unfortunately this won't work with projects that have extensions, and this particular project uses Bluetooth. I used your method for other projects though. Thanks much.

Pre-BLE is builtin.

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2 links from

I read these and consider them not for the faint of heart.

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Oh geez.. Not sure how I missed that in my searches. Truly not for the faint of heart, but the repository builder seems to be a possibility. I will have to spend a night tinkering and see what I can do, it would be great to have a set of templates for all of our classroom projects.

Much thanks!

I have a github based alternative for you, that won't require asking your IT dept to set up a CORS-compliant server for you.

Look at this project of mine in github ...

It has downloadable

  • Readme files,
  • .aia files (sorry, need a download to Project->Import)
  • Downloaded Blocks files that can be dragged directly from the github browser window to the AI2 Blocks Editor window, circumventing the need for a download and upload.

If you post an extension-free project skeleton (Designer components, maybe non-extension blocks) to the Gallery and provide URLs for direct .aix importation, then post-import the students should be able to drag into the Blocks Editor procedures and events from github.

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