Importing packages to java

Hi everyone and especially ExtensionDevelopers ,
I’m starting to learn java and extension developing nowadays and i made some simple extensions using appybuilder code editor then today i setup environment on my computer but i have a question… It happens with me many times that i start to build extensions and i get error ( symbol not found) as i’m not importing its package name in my code…And when i search for java codes to help me building extension…They don’t tell what packages do we need to import as ( as i know ) it’s optional in java :roll_eyes: so it’s very hard to know the package do i need to import…So is there is a way to make extensions without importing packages or is there is a way to know the needed packages i need to import for each method i use…I searched google and the forms but i didn’t find an answer…

Use an IDE, it will take care of everything

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Thanks for your help @Souvik_Bera :smile:I'm going to instal java ide now

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