Importing a Sqlite database into an app

Hello everyone:
I have an app that only reads data(only text) from a Sqlite database.
But this DB is in my computer. The question is:

You use a sqlite extension, which is able to import it from the assets of your app

Just upload the database in the media section of your App Inventor app and then use the Import method... see also the example project on my webpage


Size of your database ? (in mb)

How many tables?

How many rows?

Just 2 tables and several thousands rows. The first table has 150 rows but the second has the bunch of rows.

How do you plan to index the tables?

Around 3 mb.

The relationship between the 2 tables is one to many. In the first table there is a field named "clave" the primary key. In the second table also there is the "clave" and a counter from 1 to ...... it could be between 150-200.

This sounds like it could also fit into a pair of TinyDB Namespaces, using clave as tag and a list or dictionary as the value.

It would need a load at first run from Media folder CSV files, but it would avoid any need for extensions.

In Q9 of my Q&A section you can find a speed comparison between sqlite and TinyDB...