Import file by app

How to import file excel to file spreadsheet from local storage on device (hp) by mit app inventor (when we success to make new file spreadsheet n then we need to import the file excel by app)

Where will your excel file be ? (online / on your computer / somewhere else ? )
You will need to export your excel file to csv in order to be able to open it in App Inventor

oh ok thanks. and then what to do

Please answer the question :slight_smile:

on device (hp)

on device.....

on your phone/tablet ? on your computer ?

Please provide more useful and detailed information if you want support....

ok . on phone.

any more ?

just it.
before that We Copy the file Excel to My Phone (manual)
and then The Case is
1.How to import the file Excel on my phone storage to Spreadsheet that I made the New File (get Url) by App

Given all your topics about various elements that you want in your app, it is probably a good idea to prepare a plan and a workflow, bringing all these together, in order to be able to create an app that most effectively achieves your objective. I will make a start, then you can edit and amend this until you have a plan. Then we can look at the best way to bring everything together.

  1. Load an excel file onto the device (csv format....)

  2. Import the contents of the excel csv to the app (user id and name list)

  3. Create a google sheet (or a new tab on an existing google sheet?)

  4. Upload the excel data to the google sheet (user id and name list)

  5. Create a routine to access the data in the google sheet

  6. Create a google apps script web app that will allow the app to:
    a) add a time in against a user id
    b) add a time out against a user id
    c) add a date against a user id
    d) add a subject against a user id
    It seems that this will be achieved by scanning a QR code or similar ?

  7. it is not clear if this will be done for all user ids on just one device, or if many devices will do this?

  8. Probably provide a routine to access the entered data for review on the app ?

  9. Repeat all of the above for each session?

Please edit / revise this to get to where you want it to be. Have a think about items 1-4, it may be easier to have all the user ids and names already up on a google sheet, and call then into a new one as needed, rather than having to use the excel file route. Also clarify if this is an admin app or a user app.