Import CSV file from app to SQL Server Database

Hello everyone, have a nice day ahead!

I have an app that tracks users location and stores its GPS coordinates in TinyDB. After the tracking activity, the user will press a button to export the GPS coordinates as CSV file. Now, I want to pick that CSV file from android device and export its contents to SQL Server database but I failed to do it. I just want to ask from your brilliant minds if you already tried to impot CSV file from app to SQL Server database. Here is the screenshots of the blocks and image of the app:

App UI:



Hoping for your kind response and God bless you all..

Provided information is not sufficient.
We need more details like error message. More precisely, show response content.

Hello @vknow360 , I edited my blocks because I forgot to put the Web1.Get block. Upon clicking the Import button, I received an empty response content.

The gray one is the response content I put in notifier.