Import components from Kodular

Hi, It's me again.
I've been using MIT App Inventor for almost an year now, and I recently found out that Kodular has greater features compared to MIT. I want to know if there is a way to import components from Kodular to App Inventor, perhaps by an extension (I currently don't know how to build one).
If there is no way, I might have to migrate to Kodular, which is sad, considering App Inventor is more simpler and I'm used to it, despite Kodular having better graphics.

Please help!

Simple answer, no, you cannot "import" Kodular components into App Inventor.

Everything you can do in Kodular can be done in some way in App Inventor.

It is a free world, you can choose which builder you want to work with.


Is it possible to turn some of the components into extensions and import in into MIT?

For example ?

For instance the notifier? It's blocks and features are way better than MIT's

You can do all that the Kodular notifier does using existing extensions. Yes, it is more work, but it can be done.

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I have another question. Kodular gives you the option to add a bottom navigation bar. @Gordon_Lu showed a great tutorial on how to make one here.
Now is there a way to get them filled? Like from this - Home - G to this - Home Filled - G ? the material font doesn't give options.

I think I require something like text fill or something

Well I don't think you can. However, as a workaround, you can download the image and add it instead of the label that is used to show the icon.

You could try some alternate material icon fonts here


Is the MIT team working to use the same components as Kodular has here? Becuase it seems that there is not much components added for some time

@TIMAI2, I need a sidebar extension too. I found the one @Andres_Cotes has, but the link in @Taifun's extension directory redirects to the Thunkable Community where I get this:

If you've got the AIX file, can you share it here?

Use AI2 SideBar Extension instead