Implementing Project Properties Dialog project GSOC 2023

Hello Community :handshake: ,
I am looking to participate in GSOC 2023 with the designer project(Project Properties Dialog) .

Problem Statement : Currently, the properties for the Screen1 form contains a number of project-wide properties such as App Name and Theme. We want these properties separated from the component and maintained on a separate dialog on the designer view

In layman language : The properties on the screen1 such as AppName(PROPERTY_NAME_ANAME) ,
versioncode(PROPERTY_NAME_VCODE) ,
and some other properties that are describing the android properties (like that are stored in ANDROIDMANIFIST file .........

These properties are only available in the screen1 , not in other screen(like screen2 , screen3) ,

making it confusing for the users , that with which screen these properties belong.

so the task is to remove these properties from here and transfering these to a separate dialog , where the user can interact with it.

Possible steps for doing so , i think :slightly_smiling_face::
0 > Creating a button near the designer / block , that will open a dialog
1 > We can create a dialog using the wizards , using the Boxes.
2 > we have to use the mock( basically with the class) classes to remove the properties
3 > In the class , there we can see the properties such as the app_name and all others.
4 > we just have to create a new dialog (using wizard) , adding all these ui for changing the property and then just forwarding the changes from these dialog to the file where the information regarding these things is stored.

These are my thoughts on this topic .

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions on how to approach this project. Thank you all for your help! :innocent: .

Many Thanks
-Dhruv Patidar


@DHRUV_PATIDAR nice explanation.